Staying Positive


Being healthy with MS most certainly means staying physically fit, but nearly as important is your outlook on your condition, and on your life.

Staying positive often means minimising your stress and increasing the things that bring you relief and happiness. For many people, staying on top of regular doctor check-ups and tests gives them peace of mind, since their neurologist can track their progression. For others, it’s an improved exercise routine and eating more fruits and vegetables. Still others find great comfort in activities like meditation and yoga.

Ultimately, the thing to ask is: What’s right for me? Many people find that monitoring their moods, staying aware of the good and bad days, and trying their best to stay focused and happy are achievable. It may not always be easy, but take inventory of your daily stresses at home, at work, and in your everyday activities.

And remember that the more you stay positive all-around, the more likely you’ll feel confident in managing your MS.