Your Multiple Sclerosis Plan


Developing your MS plan

MS is unpredictable. You may still be dealing with the surprise and shock of being diagnosed. And it may be scary to think about your life with MS. That’s why now is exactly the right time to take charge and to create your plan.

Managing MS and living well means confronting a wide range of things:

  • The disease itself, and which therapy will best help you manage it
  • Working through different scenarios and possibilities
  • Talking with your family, and planning ahead for things like work, childcare, holidays, vacations and more
  • Asking your doctors and nurses about what they’ve seen and how best to deal
    with the ups and downs (and uncertainties) of MS
  • Making the time to do your own homework, researching different organisations, and using any resources that will help
  • Dealing with work issues, and talking with your boss or company when the time is right
  • Looking at your finances, expenses, and medical costs

Preparing, planning and positivity

All of this means that the better you plan, the more prepared you will be. With MS, you can’t anticipate everything, but it’s smart to try to plan ahead and to anticipate the things that might come your way down the road.

So learn everything that you can about MS. Talk with your doctor, and work with them to plan long-term. Start treatment as early as possible, since this can be the best chance to slow progression and limit relapses. Involve your family, friends and loved ones – they want to help, so find ways to include them. Develop a true support network.

Focus on staying healthy, exercising, and eating right. And plan for your future.

The old adage ‘Knowledge is Power’ applies to MS, and the more you’re prepared, the easier it can be to stay positive and stay on track to manage your MS.


  • While it’s tough to anticipate everything, plan ahead as much as you can
  • Have you thought about work, home, childcare, medical expenses, and support services?
  • When it comes to MS, knowledge is power